UneARThed works alongside artists from the RUAH drop in centre. For 60 years, RUAH been connecting the WA community by empowering vulnerable and disadvantaged people to create meaningful change in their lives. The artist's talent and passion is truely phenomenal and here is what some of them have to say. 


“Art is a part of my life. It brings me peace, purpose and relaxation. After going to art school and doing sculpting, art wasn’t natural and it was when I left that art became natural. I love to use pastels, charcoals, watercolours and textiles. The like involving the senses. UneARThed has been very good to us. They have embraced us and given us opportunities to display our work”


“Art is very therapeutic and relaxing. I’ve always loved art since a little kid. I took it seriously in the 2000’s. It makes me lose track of time. My favourite things to paint include scenery, boats, water and landscapes. UneARThed has been just so generous. I appreciate the people giving up their time for us”


“With my art, I try to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. UneARThed has been incredible in the work they do and the time they give”


“Ruah has become family to me. Love art for its relaxation and allows me to space out and be creative. Art has always been apart of me as my grandma did art”

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